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“Navigation on the culinary and hotel map of Poland” Wrocław, Centennial Hall, 2-4 June 2017 Magda Gessler – a creator of taste and style, an owner of popular restaurants, a star of TVN station – would like to invite you to an extraordinary event that will change the culinary and hotel image of Poland! For the first time, one place will gather the representatives of leading companies from Poland and abroad, outstanding professionals, trade authorities as well as stars and worthies. “Pyszna Polska 2017” Fair will set new courses and standards of development and taste for the years to come. Let us appreciate the values of Poland by getting to know better its culinary and hotel treasures. Let us show the whole Europe our value and reach new customers! Join us at the Fair!

Magda Gessler

The most famous restaurant owner in Poland is a painter and a graduate of the Royal Spanish Academy of Fine Arts. Her restaurants are genuine pieces of art – and not just in a culinary sense. She always decorates then on her own, thus changing every place into a unique space full of artistry and craftsmanship. She says about herself that she is a director of a play, in which every guest of her restaurant plays a lead role. Indisputable culinary authority, for years she has been appreciated by the trade and millions of Poles. Thanks to her passion and involvement, in the TVN show “Kitchen Revolutions” she managed to save over 150 restaurants in the whole country, and their number is constantly growing. With a fiery temper and distinctive wild blond curls she struggles for taste, quality and style of the Polish restaurants.
A traveller, an author of culinary books and articles, and a unique television personality. Awarded with Wiktor prize in “Television discovery of the year” category, Telekamery 2012 prize-winner. Adored by the audiences. Juror in the most popular culinary show in the country “MasterChef”. Although, for the audience she is most famous from “Kitchen revolutions” show that she has been hosting ceaselessly for six years.


This year’s edition of the Fair is directly connected with Magda Gessler’s book – “Wild Strawberry awards 2016/2017”, in which the most famous Polish restaurant owner and taste and flavour creator for the third time awards the best restaurant and hotel owners in Poland with “Wild Strawberry” awards.


Gastronomy as one of the main leitmotifs will appear at the Fair in many forms. One of them is the offer of producers and distributors of the professional equipment and appliances from the HoReCa industry. We guarantee an outstanding promotion among the gastronomy, hotel and wine sector professionals – the Fair will be visited by over 150 thousand guests from Poland, Spain, France and Slovakia. 80% of them are people responsible for purchase decisions in companies. Hence, the participation in “Pyszna Polska 2017” Fair allows to establish valuable business contacts find new channels of distribution. The attractions are complemented with theme sections and culinary contests. The enthusiasts can find trainings and numerous tastings.

Hotel industry

Offer for the hotel industry is inseparable element of this Fair. It is directed to both owners of the hotels and lodging houses, but also to guests who are looking for a good accommodation and recreation offer. The Exhibition Centre will expedite the pairing between those who search and those who offer. It is worth to use this occasion to establish new contacts and discover interesting objects.


They are a source of inspiration and culinary creations, new discoveries and an endless afflatus for masters and enthusiasts. They are an essential ingredient of every kitchen revolution and, more often, an object in the frame of photographs and stylists. The presented products will be incorporated into numerous attractions, demonstrations, tastings and contests and will give real flavours to the “Pyszna Polska 2017” Fair theme. The tempting aromas will guide us to the theme sections – a paradise for the taste buds.




Centennial Hall

“Pyszna Polska 2017” Fair will take place in one of the most distinctive exhibition places in Poland – the Centennial Hall in Wrocław. Designed by a brilliant urban architect Maks Berg, it has been recognised as one of the greatest works of architecture of the 20th century. During the Fair, it will become a one of its kind place, where everyone can discover all the aspects of hotel and gastronomy trade.

What will you gain:

“Pyszna Polska 2017” Fair combines a character of trade exhibitions and an event with a unique offer of spending free time, limitless capacity for participating in privet conversations, consulting the specialists and immortalising your brand. It is a professional offer connected with delicious attractions and practical navigation.
Being with us you will:

  • discover interesting establishments
  • find inspiring solutions
  • meet professionals and authorities
  • extend your knowledge
  • spend a fruitful weekend with your friend and family

We are waiting for you with:
  • unrivalled source of knowledge and inspiration
  • extensive programme and many attractions
  • special zones with demonstrations and contests
  • authentic theme sections
  • unforgettable sensations
  • and a unique atmosphere
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